barb dybwad : speaking events

|---- Aug '16: BlogHer 2016: Behind the Curtain: Blog to Book From the Publisher’s Point of View; 10 Year Anniversary Board
|---- March 20, 2016: Chew on This Storytelling comes to lovely Los Angeles, with Lisa Stone and Susan Johnston!
|---- Feb 16, 2016: Chew on This Storytelling returned to VR, with Randy Taran of the Happiness Project.
|---- Jan '16: Altspace VR: First storytelling event in virtual reality with Chew on This (Redwood City, CA)
|---- 2016: BlogHer 2016 Advisory Board
|---- Oct '15: Chew on This Storytelling: Pioneers (San Francisco, CA)
|---- BlogHer '15: "Online Life & Culture: Find Your Medici: Building Patronage to Support Your Creative Life" (New York, NY)
|---- IPSOS Girls Only Tech Tour at CES 2015 (Las Vegas, NV)
|---- BlogHer '14 10 year anniversary 10x10 keynote and panel moderator, "Level Up | Crowdfunding and Financing: Get Money for Your Great Idea" (San Jose, CA)
|---- Engadget Expand NY '13: Ben Huh wants internet culture to go pop so you can has more lulz, an on-stage interview with the Cheezburger CEO
|---- C2SV '13: "Funding Your Dream: Entrepreneurism's Many Paths" (San Jose, CA)
|---- BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13: "Crowdfunding your dream business" (Mountain View, CA)
|---- Digital Hollywood '12 (Fall): Panelist, "Women in Tech Media: The Growing Voice of the Industry" (Los Angeles, CA)
|---- SXSW '12: Mentor Sessions (Austin, TX)
|---- BlogHer Pro '12: Closing keynote: Exit strategies for bloggers (San Francisco, CA)
|---- LGBT New Media Panel '12, Boys in Tech (Los Angeles, CA)
|---- KTLA / FOX4 News, Mar '12: How to backup your computer online
|---- Digital Hollywood '11 (Fall): Panelist, "The DNA of the Digital Entrepreneur: Start-Up War Stories" (Los Angeles, CA)
|---- DigitalLA, August '11: Panelist, "Games get social" (Los Angeles, CA)
|---- BlogHer '11: "How to pitch busy editors as a freelance writer" (San Diego, CA)
|---- Knight Digital Media Center's News Entrepreneur Boot Camp '11: Panelist, "Project Management and Tools for News Producers on the Web" (Los Angeles, CA)
|---- Digital Hollywood '11 (Spring): Panelist, "iPhone Apps, Tablet Apps, Change Agents: App Breakthroughs, Video, Games, Mobile Engagement and Advertising" (Los Angeles, CA)
|---- BlogHer Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology '11: Mentor
|---- BlogHer BET Technology Track '11: Making the Most of Mobile
|---- Social Media Strategies Summit '11: Presenter, "Tablets, superphones and connected devices: New platform opportunities for your brand" (San Francisco, CA)
|---- Computer & Technology Radio, June '10: Show co-host on "New Innovations in WiFi and iPhone Review"
|---- Sixx Sense, Mar '09: Hottest tech from SXSW 2010 (Los Angeles, CA)
|---- SXSW '10: "Brand Building: Twitter Success Stories" (Austin, TX)
|---- Gravity Summit '10: "Social Media for Social Good" (Los Angeles, CA)
|---- This Week in Android, Feb 26, 2010: Co-hosted with guest Drew Olanoff
|---- CES '10: "Social Media Tools for Small Businesses" (Las Vegas, NV)
|---- Sixx Sense, Sept '09: New iPad show and tell (Los Angeles, CA)
|---- Women in Technology International ’08: Speaker, "Blogging workflow tips and tricks" (Santa Clara, CA)
|---- Time Warner Breakthrough Reunion ’08: Presenter, session track on New Media in a Multi-Device Landscape (New York, NY)
|---- BlogHer ’07: Conference technical track co-chair (Chicago, IL)
|---- Web Video Summit '07: Panelist, Mobile video session (New York, NY)
|---- BlogHer Business ’07: Panel moderator on virtual worlds: “I Have Enough Trouble with my First Life” (New York, NY)
|---- SXSW ’06: Presenter, “Private Square or Public Club?” (Austin, TX)
|---- BlogHer ’05: Presenter, “Mobile blogging” session (Santa Clara, CA)