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|---- Russian election interference data sets: lexicon | bestiary (Google Sheets API + Python)
|---- Common psychological biases, fallacies, and cognitive errors (Google Sheets)
|---- Corporate Welfare in Recent History: A White-Collar Affair (Timeline.js)
|---- Dystopias vs. Utopias in popular culture (Quip)
|---- Mental Models, Frameworks, and Terminology for Thinkers (Quip)(WIP)
|---- # EVENTS

Held bi-annually at San Francisco's Fort Mason and New York City's Javits Center, Engadget Expand is a first-of-its-kind consumer tech event that shows thousands of gadget enthusiasts the future of technology. Featuring a star-studded speaker roster of visionaries from Google, Facebook, DARPA, HTC, Kickstarter, Nokia, MIT, Microsoft, and a host of emerging startups from Pebble to 3D Systems, Expand also showcased the intersection of culture and technology with performances, talks, and workshops from the likes of Spike Lee, Reggie Watts, RJD2, LeVar Burton, DJ Spooky, and more.

Add in an exhibition floor packed with over 50 interactive experiences from some of the world's top tech brands and emerging hardware companies, the Insert Coin crowdfunded hardware competition with $25,000 in prize money, 2 days of workshops for all ages, a Raspberry Pi competition, robot dance party, Lego Mindstorms competition, wearables fashion show, and classic arcade after-party -- and you'll start to have some idea of the "technological carnival delights" that characterizes Expand.

My role was to envision the event from the ground up, working cross-functionally with editorial, sales, marketing, PR, finance, and events staff to produce the show from floor to stage. I also forged partnerships with dozens of companies including sponsorship activations, interactive exhibitions, product launches, media partnerships, and contests (including sending 2 lucky attendees to the show via Gogo's private jet), along with fielding interviews from local and national press at the events.


We took the vibe of Expand on tour around the country for evening events in multiple cities, giving gadget enthusiasts the chance to get their hands on some of the latest and greatest technologies -- many not even released yet to the public -- and the opportunity to drink some beers with the Engadget editors. We had a blast in Austin, Seattle, Boston, and LA to name a few. I led the charge to wrangle sponsors, giveaways, promotions, and production logistics with the events team.

|---- OFFICIAL CES AWARDS at the Consumer Electronics Show

I oversaw the business side of Engadget's takeover of the Official Best of CES Awards after CNet's long run with the franchise ended in 2013, managing our relationship with the Consumer Electronics Association as well as all staging, production, promotion, collateral, and licensing of the Awards.

|---- # SITES:
|- Engadget
|- Variety
|- Rolling Stone
|- Mashable
|- Entrepreneur
|- IndieWire
|- TechRadar
|- PC Gamer

|---- # WRITINGS: A professional sampler (2005 - present)
|---- Profiles: How The Roxy Became the #1 Venue on Twitter
|---- Startups: 3 Hot Tech Startups Burning Up L.A.'s 'Silicon Beach'
|---- Series: Free Music Monday showcased 10 free streamable tracks from artist submissions each week
|---- Interviews: MySpace Co-Presidents Reveal Company's Plan for the Future
|---- Video interviews: The Youngest Speaker at TED Advocates "Kid's Eye View"
|---- Stage interviews: Ben Huh wants internet culture to go pop so you can has more lulz
|---- Reviews: iRig Turns Your iPhone Into an Awesome Guitar Stompbox
|---- Buying guides: Pre-orders are here, but should you buy the iPhone 4S, or wait for iPhone 5?
|---- Productivity tips: 7 Ways to Make Gmail Faster
|---- Videos: Behind the Scenes at the "Married on MySpace" Wedding
|---- Product demos: OnLive: Video Games on Demand Service Demoed
|---- Podcasts: Engadget Podcast 330 - 02.08.13: Snowmageddon
|---- Lists: 10 iPad Games Worth Paying For
|---- Analysis: Portable Gaming: Can Apple Take Down Nintendo and Sony?
|---- Instructional: Still Not Sure About Windows 8? A 10-Step Guide to Getting Started
|---- Visual guides: Visual Guide: iPod and MP3 player storage
|---- Exclusives: Exclusive: Tour the "If I Can Dream" Command Center [VIDEO]
|---- Live event coverage: Hollywood Hack Day: You won’t believe what programmers can achieve in two days
|---- News: Droid X's Popularity Makes This Device Hard to Find, Activate
|---- Liveblogs: E3: Live at the Nintendo Press Event
|---- Event marketing: 10 reasons to be at Engadget Expand
|---- Reader special offers: Keep your brain young with help from Anti-Aging Games and Tecca
|---- Sponsored content: 5 Social Media Trends to Watch Right Now
|---- Polls: Smartphone Faceoff: iPhone 4 vs. Droid X
|---- How tos: HOW-TO: Turn your Mac mini into a media center

|---- # WRITINGS: An experimental sampler of personal work
|---- Timeline.js interactive timeline:
|- Corporate Welfare in Recent History: A White-Collar Affair
|---- Data sets:
|- Nationalist and right-wing populist movements around the world
|- Psychological biases and cognitive distortions
|- RussiaGate Lexicon & Russian influence bestiary: Terminology and Cast of Characters for the new Cold War
|- World population statistics
|---- Diptychs:
|- Working Hard vs. Hardly Working: An Illustrated Guide
|- Dystopia vs. Utopia: A Fight to the Finish
|---- #Infauxgraphics:
|- Visual acuity of liberal vs. conservative worldview, compared
|- The Movie Popcorn Solar System, to Scale
|---- Disinfaux: And the counteracting of it:
|- A Field Guide to Identifying Bots on Twitter
|- Putin's Playbook: Pull factions apart from center; exacerbate democratic crisis
|---- Essays:
|- Airbnb's rental income sleight of hand: the "2-minute" tax magic
|- All politics is identity politics
|- Further Reflections on the Coming Apocalypse
|- My lawn, and the getting off of it
|- No one knows more about diversity than old white dudes
|---- Maps:
|- State statistical comparisons
|- Worldwide Governance Indicators, 1996 vs. 2015 in maps
|---- Mindmaps:
|- Wild vs. Tame
|- Wolves vs. Sheep
|---- Acts of poesy:
|- 50 shades of greyest gardens
|- Breaking the Spell
|- my soul is going to starve
|- the bubbles we inhabit
|---- Word clouds:
|- Obama vs. Trump inaugural address word cloud portaits
|- SOTU word cloud: Make work, America. Obama OUT!

|---- # PHOTOS: Hithers and yonders
|---- Oh, the places you'll go: Trips
|---- Instagram: @doctorparadox
|---- Flickr: 2005+

|---- # SPEAKING
|---- Speaking engagements

|---- # MUSIC
|---- Doctor Paradox: Frame Independent
|---- The Witching (full album available on Spotify)